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MapOSMatic is a free software webservice to generate maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data. MapOSMatic to darmowy serwis pozwalający na generowanie map miast w oparciu o dane OpenStreetMap.
Privacy statement
Thanks! Dziękujemy!
Thanks for your donation! Dziękujemy za dotację!
<i class="fas fa-check"></i> We have received your donation.
Thank you for your support to the MapOSMatic project!
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-ok"></i> Otrzymaliśmy twoją dotację.
Dziękujemy za wspieranie projektu MapOSMatic!
You will receive a notification e-mail concerning your
donation. This e-mail will indicate that the donation has been received by
<i>Thomas Petazzoni</i>, who is the MapOSMatic developer in charge of donations
and funds. MapOSMatic is still an informal gathering of developers, and we have
not (yet) created a non-profit organization to support the project.
Why are donations useful? Dlaczego dotacje są pomocne?
MapOSMatic is a project entirely developed and maintained by a
team of volunteers (see our <a href="%(about_url)s">About</a> page for
details). However, running the MapOSMatic service and making improvements to it
has various costs beyond the time of the volunteer developers.
Therefore, we are currently seeking donations to help us
Participation to the transportation expenses of the
MapOSMatic developers when they gather for <i>hackfests</i> (meeting of
developers). You can read our <a href="">blog</a> to
learn more about what we achieve during those hackfests. We usually implement a
huge number of improvements, new features and bug fixes during those meetings.
They take place during the holidays of the developers, and we would like to at
least compensate their travel expenses.
Considering making a donation? Myślisz nad dotacją?
Donations can be done through the well-known <a
href="">PayPal</a> service. We accept donations of any
amount: all donations are helpful, even the smallest ones.
Donate via PayPal &raquo; Złóż dotację przez PayPal &raquo;
%(queued)s job%(qp)s in the rendering queue.
All systems are operational.
Systems are operational but renderings may not reflect the latest available OpenStreetMap data.
The rendering daemon is running. Trwa renderowanie...
The rendering daemon is not running: jobs will be queued until the rendering daemon is back up.
The GIS database is online and up to date, <span class="tooltipped" data-original-title="%(gis_lastupdate)s">updated %(date)s ago</span>.
The GIS database is not up to date and was only <span class="tooltipped" data-original-title="%(gis_lastupdate)s">updated %(date)s ago</span>.
The GIS database is not available. Renderings cannot be processed at this time.


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