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Area too big to be rendered! Granica administracyjna zbyt duża do wyrenderowania
Latitude of the top left corner Szerokość geograficzna lewego górnego rogu
Longitude of the top left corner Wysokość geograficzna lewego górnego rogu
Latitude of the bottom right corner Szerokość geograficzna prawego dolnego rogu
Longitude of the bottom right corner Wysokość geograficzna prawego dolnego rogu
Remove any selected region from the map Usuń jakikolwiek zaznaczony obszar z mapy
No localization Bez lokalizacji
Page not found! Nie znaleziono strony!
Woups. Looks like you've followed a broken link ;-( O nie! Wygląda na to, że kliknąłeś w błędny link. :-(
Server error! Błąd serwera!
Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like the server crashed
processing this request.
Ehh, nie fajnie.. Wygląda na to, że serwer ma awarie
przetwarzanie żadania.
Service unavailable
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Rendering of job #%(jobid)s failed Deamon renderujący:

An error occured while rendering job %(jobid)s!


Job information:


You can view the job page at <%%(url)s>.

Hello %(to)s,

unfortunately your map rendering request for


has failed.

You can check for failure details on the request detail page:


Rendering of job #%(jobid)s succeeded

Hello %(to)s,

your map rendering request for


has successfully been processed now, and the results can be downloaded
from the rendering jobs detail pages:


Rendering of job #%(jobid)s timed out

Hello %(to)s,

unfortunately your map rendering request for


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You may want to retry with a smaller map area or with a less complex map
style or less map overlays.



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