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Privacy Statement

All web traffic is encrypted using TLS/SSL, using certificates
provided by <a href="">LetsEncrypt</a>.

When trying to access the site via unencrypted <tt>http:</tt>
URLs you'll automatically be redirected to the encrypted <tt>https:</tt>
URL counterparts.

The web server only logs date and time, requested URL and HTTP status,
it does normally not log IP addresses, user agent strings or referer URLs.
These additional fields may temporary be added to log entries when necessary
to analyze problems (although so far that has never been needed), but such
additional access logs will be removed again within 24 hours.

When submitting an actual map rendering job, your IP address will

be stored until removed manually

not be stored

stored for %(SUBMITTER_IP_LIFETIME)s hours

along with the actual map request.

If you chose to also provide an email address for notification when
your request has been processed completely, this mail address will
be stored


until removed manually.

This site uses <a href="">Matomo</a>
(formerly known as Piwik) for analytics.

The site does not track users in any way, neither by itself
nor by use of any external tracking services.

This site may use up to three cookies to store information about you:

This cooke gets created as soon as you click
<span class="badge badge-success">Accept</span>
on the cookie warning. After this you will not
see that warning again on this browser until
the cookie gets deleted by you, or expires after
ten years.

The cookie only stores a fixed valie of "1" to
remember your acceptance.

If you do not accept this cookie the cookie
warning block will appear every time you load
a new page from the site, but it will not otherwise
affect functionality of the site apart from the
screen space taken.

This cookie is used to tie your browser session to
some session specific information stored on the server

So far we use a session only to store and remember
certain choices you made in the
<span class="badge badge-success">Create Map</span>
form, so that we can pre-select or pre-fill form
elements accordingly the next time you create
a map.

So the information stored in the session is just
for your own convenience, it is not tracked in
any way, it does not include any personal information
about you, and the information will be removed
completely two weeks after your last access of the
<span class="badge badge-success">Create Map</span>

If you decide to not accept this cookie the functionality
of the site will not be affected, you will just loose
the form prefill convenice.

This cookie may get set by the OpenStreetMap tile servers
providing the map tiles used in the interactive map in the
<span class="badge badge-success">Create Map</span> form.

This cookie stores
<a href=""
>a time-based one-time password token
which can be verified by the OpenStreetMap tile cache servers</a>
and so can improve tile access performance.

To the best of our knowledge this cookie is not used by
OpenStreetMap to perform tracking of any kind.

If you decide to not accept this cookie the map tiles
in the interactive map may load slower, but otherwise
the functionality of our site will not be reduced in
any way.

All images, style sheets, fonts and all javascript code
are stored locally on this server. There will be no
cross site requests to other sites when accessing this
service, with one exception:

The site uses map tiles provided by OpenStreetMap in the
interactive map shown on the
<span class="badge badge-success">Create Map</span>
form. These are loaded from the OpenStreetMap tile
servers under the <tt></tt>
subdomain by your browser directly.


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