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Bounding Box Obszar
Overlay(s) Szczegóły mapy
GPX track
UMAP file
Request submitted Zapytanie wysłane: %(date)s
Rendering started Renderowanie rozpoczęte: %(date)s
Rendering completed Renderowanie skończone: %(date)s
Rendering cancelled Renderowanie anulowane: %(date)s
Download other formats and map indeces Pobierz w innych formatach i indeksach map
map mapa
index indeks
Our database does not contain any rendered maps for the moment. Nasza baza danych nie posiada teraz żadnych wyrenderowanych map.
No map matches your query.
Create a new map! Stwórz nową mapę!
Generate your own map Wygeneruj własną mapę
Map area Ustawienia regionalne mapy
Paper Rozmiar papieru
Generate Stwórz mapę
Geographic area Obszar geograficzny
City search Wyszukiwanie miasta
File upload
Upload files Szczegóły mapy
Upload GPX, Umap, or general GeoJSON files here. <br/> You can select multiple files at once. If you re-open the file selection dialog to select files, your selection will replace the previous one.
<b>Note:</b> The uploaded files will not be made available to anyone, the map created using this file <b>will be publicly visible</b> though.<br/>Do <b>NOT</b> upload any data you don't want to be publicly visible.
Geographic area selection Zaznaczenie obszaru geograficznego
Start by choosing the city or geographic area you want to render. Suggestions will appear as you start typing. If you can't find the city you want, or if you prefer to choose the exact area you want to render yourself, select the <em>Geographic area</em> tab and use the mini-map to set the limits of the rendered area.


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