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To the best of our knowledge this cookie is not used by
OpenStreetMap to perform tracking of any kind.

If you decide to not accept this cookie the map tiles
in the interactive map may load slower, but otherwise
the functionality of our site will not be reduced in
any way.

All images, style sheets, fonts and all javascript code
are stored locally on this server. There will be no
cross site requests to other sites when accessing this
service, with one exception:

The site uses map tiles provided by OpenStreetMap in the
interactive map shown on the
<span class="badge badge-success">Create Map</span>
form. These are loaded from the OpenStreetMap tile
servers under the <tt></tt>
subdomain by your browser directly.

Please refer to the
<a href=""
>OpenStreetMap Foundations Privacy Policy</a>
regarding the access to those
map tile images.

The site allows you to upload GPX tracks, GeoJson files and
<a href="">Umap</a> map exports to
incorporate information stored in them into generated maps.

Note that all maps generated by this service are publicly
visible, so do <strong>not</strong> upload any such files
which contain information that should become visible to
a global audience, no matter whether this is a problem
for privacy, security, copyright, or other legal reasons.

If you have uploaded such a file by accident, please inform
%(CONTACT_EMAIL)s via email and request a removal of the
uploaded file and the generated map. Provide either the
URL of the generated map page, or the file name of the
uploaded file and the date it was uploaded to this site.

Generated maps are stored on the server for some time
until they are finally removed again for storage space
reasons. The actual rendering job data remains available
though, and so the deleted map files can be regenerated
at any time.

If you think a map rendering job should be removed
completely for whatever reason, please inform
%(CONTACT_EMAIL)s via email and provide the URL
of the rendering job you want to have removed.
Start typing for suggestions... Zacznij pisać a zobaczysz sugestie..
Waiting for rendering to begin... Czekanie na rozpoczecie renderowania..
The rendering is in progress... Trwa renderowanie...
Rendering was successful. Wyrenderowano pomyślnie.
Rendering failed! Please contact %(email)s for more information. Renderowanie nieudane! Proszę skontaktuj się z %(email)s po więcej informacji.
Rendering failed! Deamon renderujący:
Rendering is obsolete: the rendering was successful, but the files are no longer available. Renderowanie jest przestarzałe: zakończyło się sukcesem ale nie jest już dostępne.
Obsolete failed rendering: the rendering failed, and the incomplete files have been removed.
The rendering was cancelled by the user. Renderowanie anulowane przez użytkownika.
Area too big to be rendered! Granica administracyjna zbyt duża do wyrenderowania
Latitude of the top left corner Szerokość geograficzna lewego górnego rogu
Longitude of the top left corner Wysokość geograficzna lewego górnego rogu
Latitude of the bottom right corner Szerokość geograficzna prawego dolnego rogu
Longitude of the bottom right corner Wysokość geograficzna prawego dolnego rogu
Remove any selected region from the map Usuń jakikolwiek zaznaczony obszar z mapy
No localization Bez lokalizacji
Page not found! Nie znaleziono strony!
Woups. Looks like you've followed a broken link ;-( O nie! Wygląda na to, że kliknąłeś w błędny link. :-(
Server error! Błąd serwera!
Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like the server crashed
processing this request.
Ehh, nie fajnie.. Wygląda na to, że serwer ma awarie
przetwarzanie żadania.
Service unavailable


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