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No administrative boundary
This is a fork of the original <a href="">MapOSMatic</a> service. The source for this fork can be found on GitHub:
The forked MapOSMatic web frontend
The forked Ocitysmap rendering backend
If you want to try to run your own instance you may want to check out my <a href=''>Vagrant test setup</a> as a starting point
Below you'll find the "About" text of the original MapOSMatic project.
MapOSMatic has been started thanks to an idea of
Gilles Lamiral, an <a
href="">OpenStreetMap</a> and free
software contributor of Rennes area, France. From his idea, a group of
crazy <a
met together during a one-week <em>Hackfest</em> in August 2009 and
brought the idea of Gilles Lamiral to life by writing the code and
named the project <strong>MapOSMatic</strong>. The group of crazy
hackers would like to thank Gilles for sharing his bright


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