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This web service has been called <i>MapOSMatic</i>,
like <i>map-o-matic</i> but with a reference to OpenStreetMap (OSM). The
web service is written in Python
using <a href="http://www.djangoproject.com">Django</a>. It is
responsible for storing the rendering requests and displaying the result
of these requests. The rendering itself takes place asynchronously
through the <i>maposmaticd</i> daemon. This daemon does only one
rendering at a time, which is very important because of the CPU and I/O
intensive nature of the map rendering process.
For the city search engine, we use the wonderful <a
href="http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org">Nominatim</a> service. This
service made it really simple to provide a nice search engine that
allows to select between multiple cities of the same name, by
providing information on the city location.
As stated above, both <i>OCitySMap</i> and
<i>MapOSMatic</i> are fully free software, so you're invited to
contribute. Here are the few starting points to help
<a href="http://wiki.maposmatic.org">MapOSMatic Wiki</a>,
which contains valuable technical information and documents about
The <a
href="https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/maposmatic/">project on
The <a
The IRC channel <tt>#maposmatic</tt> on
The <a
Git repository</a>, which can be cloned using <tt>git clone
The <a
Git repository</a>, which can be cloned using
<tt>git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/maposmatic.git</tt>;
and ideas</a>.
Developer, system administration, GIS database maintenance and site design
Developer, treasurer
Other contributors
Translation automation
You will receive a notification e-mail concerning your
donation. This e-mail will indicate that the donation has been received by
<i>Thomas Petazzoni</i>, who is the MapOSMatic developer in charge of donations
and funds. MapOSMatic is still an informal gathering of developers, and we have
not (yet) created a non-profit organization to support the project.
MapOSMatic is a project entirely developed and maintained by a
team of volunteers (see our <a href="%(about_url)s">About</a> page for
details). However, running the MapOSMatic service and making improvements to it
has various costs beyond the time of the volunteer developers.
Therefore, we are currently seeking donations to help us